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Introducing CodeZero by Blu Flame Technologies!

It starts with Continuous Integration (CI).
But that's just where it starts.
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There was no out of the box software development automation solution available that...

Code Icon Had Low Code/Config
Writing (and then having to maintain) mountains of code or config just to be able to build and/or deliver the software you care about doesn't make much sense. It's also a pain in the butt.
Project Icon On-Boarded Projects Quickly
Adding software lifecycle automation to a project should take minutes. It should not be a multi-day/week/month initiative. Who has time for that? You've got software to deliver!
Target Icon Provided CI/CD + Self-Service
CI  automates build verifications on merge.  CD  automates software delivery.  Self-Service  gives developers the tools & services they need to iteratively build software systems.
Tools Icon Encouraged BYO Tools
Everyone has their own particular tools they have come to love. You should be able to use the tools you have already invested in with your automation solution.
Eye Icon Gave Meaningful Insights
A job's build config, a project's status,  DORA metrics  and code quality trends are all examples of meaningful metrics. Why not have them, along with derived insights available at a glance?
Computer Gear Icon Natively Orchestrated HTS
Heterogeneous Tech Stacks (HTS) are now commonplace. Modern software lifecycle automation must support  IaC  alongside  GP  and Web technologies for a complete solution.

So we decided to build one.

We aren't done yet.

But we're off to a good start.

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